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Selling A Property

Life and circumstances change for us all. When the time comes to sell your primary residence, vacation/investment or commercial property, or land, The Sacks Team will go the extra mile to guide you through this sometimes difficult and emotional process.

How We Help You Sell

We will start the process by providing you with a Comprehensive Market Analysis, or CMA, of recent sales of similar properties in your market area. Once a range of value has been established, we will fine tune those numbers and come up with a suggested list price. We will also make suggestions to you regarding the presentation of your property in an effort maximize your return. These suggestions may range from doing nothing at all to enlisting the services of proven, professional trades or staging companies to bring the property up to its greatest potential.

Next Steps

We will revisit your property, take measurements and photographs (depending upon price point and location, professional photos may be taken) and your property will then be entered into MLS. The listing will appear on our company websites and feed to numerous others. We will also make use of the most effective means of print advertising. For our Dallas listings, your house will be on MLS tour and we will do open house if you desire. Once an offer is received, we will negotiate that offer through to conclusion. We will assist you in navigating through the option or investigation periods and will keep you apprised of additional deadlines and contract requirements. Then on to a successful closing and the next chapter in your lives!

How Can I Find Out More?

If you're ready to start your real estate journey, the Sacks Team is here to help. Call David Sacks today at 214-683-3957 or send an email.

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